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Create 2D/3D video animation videos to help your audience understand, relate and discover the benefits of your product or service.


2D/3D Animation Video in Miami, Florida

Two and three-dimensional animation content has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry for decades. Today, in 2020, 2D and 3D videos have become a valuable asset and an integral part of a digital marketing strategy for many businesses. They are most widely used for explainer and information videos to help consumers better understand a brand, learn the benefits and how to use a product or service as well as simplify complex information and make it more engaging for the viewer.

Importance Of 2D/3D Animation Videos

While 2D/3D animation videos aren’t suitable for all businesses, they are crucial to many for a number of reasons. Let’s say that Michael is an accountant from Miami, Florida, and wants to inform his e-mail subscriber list with the latest tax changes in tax year 2020/21. Doing it through text is simply long, complicated and let’s be honest, boring. Using a 2D or 3D animation video to explain the very same information will have a completely different impact on the audience. Some of the advantages of 2D/3D animation videos include:

  • Make boring but important information more interesting and engaging
  • Simplify complex information and make it easily consumable
  • Make it easier for the user to understand why they need your service
  • Create an effective call to action

2D/3D Animation Video Creation Process

Now, before we get into the creation of 2D/3D animation videos, it is important for you to understand the difference between the two. A 2D object can only be measured in height and width as if it was a drawing on a piece of paper while 3D objects have a surface, cast a shadow, and can be measured by length, width, and depth.When it comes to the creation of an animation video, our animation and designers’ team will:

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