The Digital Services We Offer Our Clients


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Popdek is a Miami based website development and digital marketing agency that propels newly established and already operating businesses to make their presence on the internet a worthy and successful experience. Working closely with industry experts from a wide range of fields surrounding website design & development, marketing, and branding has allowed us to provide results-driven digital solutions to clients across a variety of industries.

The Digital Services We Offer Our Clients

As a website development and digital marketing agency, we can truly offer all of our clients a wide range of high-tier services that can all greatly benefit their business on the internet. 


Website Design & Development

Our website design and development team at Popdek can successfully help you establish and develop any kind of website or application. Some of our design and development include Shopify/Magento/Wordpress websites, creation of lead generation funnels, development of a mobile application, e-commerce stores, and more.

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General & Video Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business on the internet, there are many different strategies and platforms that you must consider, and we cater to them all. Some of our marketing services include SEO, social media management, PPC, E-mail marketing, Amazon SEO, reputation management, explainer videos, motion videos, and 2D/3D animation videos.

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We have recognized that a great website and a social media strategy is not enough to be a market leader, and so, we offer a variety of branding opportunities for our clients. Some of them include logo design, any kind of graphic design/infographic, and general branding strategy.

Our Process

Everything that we design and develop is based on thorough and sophisticated research and analysis of your market, consumers, newly found opportunities, and competition. This helps our in-house teams to define a suitable approach that will fulfill our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Before we make a start on a project, regardless of whether it is a new digital strategy or website design, we sketch and brainstorm ideas based on our initial consultation with our clients when we hear out all of their requirements, project expectations, and results they want to achieve.


However, once a project is complete, it doesn’t stop there. As a renowned digital agency in Miami, we offer our clients ongoing support to ensure that results remain consistent and that their investment doesn’t just go to waste.

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When we say we aim for the best, we set it as our goal to make a change and move mountains with the projects we do. Reach us today with your project goals and join hands to achieve excellence.


How We Can Help Your Business

Whether you are looking for an agency that can help you successfully propel your entire business in the digital space or are looking for more specific services like website design, SEO or social media management, we have the right team of experts, resources and technology to tailor and deliver upon your exact requirements.

Please refer to “The Digital Services We Offer Our Clients” section on this page for the full list of services that we specialize in and offer our clients.

For any further inquiries, speak to our team by emailing [email protected] or give us a call at 305-310-4697 to discuss a strategy that will help you make your goals a reality.



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