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We take a strategic approach to optimize your website for lead generation.

Lead Generation Website Design

Building a lead generation website is much more than adding a click here button to your site. In the beginning, it typically starts when a website visitor responds to a call-to-action (CTA) on one of your site pages. But it doesn’t end when the visitor ends up on a carefully crafted landing page that turns a visitor into a lead.

We’ve mastered the art of lead generation by targeting your buyers and getting your message in front of them. But the process doesn’t stop there. We’ll show you how to follow up through email and handwritten notes. Then we add your new marketing qualified leads into your CRM for future use. And these are just the basics.

Gather Leads and Increase Conversion through Website Design

Lead generation involves building enough trust that a potential buyer will turn over his email address or other information to you. Usually, the email is given in exchange for valuable information. So, content generation and marketing work together to start your lead generation process.


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The best content generation practices we build into your lead generation website design:

Adding forms to high-traffic pages
Leverage email marketing, social media, live chat, and high-performing content
Constantly analyze and measure the performance of each page and lead generation element
Optimize each step of the lead generation process
Test and optimize your CTAs
Personalize your CTAs with dynamic content
Use well-written and designed landing pages and test them continuously
Don’t forget the Thank-You Pages
Encourage sharing and engagement with kickback email
Generate demand and gather leads with free trials and demos
Offer e-books or whitepapers on related topics of interest
Use SEO best practices to generate organic traffic
Provide high quality blog content to develop page authority and build trust
Develop a live chat on high-traffic pages where customers need assistance or information
Build in testing to improve click-through rates
Follow up with leads, deliver valuable content that matches their interest. Nurture them into buyers

Turn leads into buyers

If lead generation is vital to your business, Let Popdek show you how to craft a funnel that garners interest and leads. Then we can help you turn leads into buyers with a lead generation website.

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