What Are They And What Are They Used For?


Motion Video

Motion video is an effect in film-making where the video is slowed down. Such videos are widely used for content over the internet with the goal to emotionally impact the audience with the aim to increase interest and engagement as well as showcase the performance of the product/service while in action.

Such videos are extremely popular for athletic brands that promote sportswear. This is because motion videos allow the user more time to be able to identify their desire for the product and implement it into their own life.


If you want to portray the quality and importance of your product, you should definitely consider a motion video for your next video marketing strategy.

Explainer Videos Make a Difference

Animated explainer video stands out as a highly targeted and branded way to reach more viewers. For this reason, our creative design team creates engaging content through a highly-ordered process. Thus, your message transmits in a unique way.


Showcase Your Product or Service in Great
Detail Through a Motion Video

Motion videos are a very special type of video content that is certainly not viable for all businesses, however, it can greatly communicate a message in a very unique and impactful way. So, what are the benefits of a motion video?

Increased brand recognition
Effective in simplifying complex topics
Highly engaging and easy to consume
Multiplatform suitability
Great for showcasing a product in great detail while in full action.

Our Planning & Creation Processes

As a renowned motion video agency in Miami, we follow a sophisticated process that guarantees high-quality output with minimal waste of resources. Our typical process includes:

#1 Before we make any kind of start on a motion video, we first sit down and thoroughly discuss the needs, requirements, and expectations of our clients regarding the project.

#2 After we successfully communicate the needs with our client, we will begin to plan, brainstorm, and sketch out ideas.


#3 Once all details are finalized, the creation of the motion video will begin.

4# Upon the completion of the project and approval from the project manager, we will present the final product to our client for feedback.

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